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A Healthier New Year!

yoko katz January 4, 2018 0 comments

A Healthier New Year 2018, to you! (日本語は英語の後にあります。)

I have been well since the last surgery, a uterus fibroid removal, in summer. It is a good news that I have nothing to update you about my breast cancer itself. My previously known extremely heavy periods are now a lot better. I think it is still heavier than before cancer, but now I can go out.

I had my semi-annual oncologist visit in December, it confirmed nothing. I am still under Tamoxifen for next 2 years, at least, possibly for 7 years.

乳がん 乳癌 キャッツ洋子 ヨーコキャッツ キャッツヨーコ ファッション

Oncologist Visit Selfie.

May you embrace happiness this year! Even during my chemotherapy time, I could find some happiness when I looked for them. It was daunting and nothing of it I liked about. If you are currently fighting the battle against cancer, choose who you want to be, what kind of person you want to be. Nobody takes away that choice from you.

乳がん 乳癌 キャッツ洋子 ヨーコキャッツ キャッツヨーコ ファッション

A Year of Dog: 2018 My best buddy, Shiba Inu Hoshi.

Kisses and hugs,




2017年夏に 子宮筋腫の手術をしてから、いたって元気です。自分の乳がんで報告することが何もないのは、とても良いこと。外に出られないぐらいに酷い生理の量だったのが、手術を受けて改善された。癌宣告前よりも、まだ重い生理には違いないけれど、今では、外に出ることができる。ホッとしている。