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NED, the 4th one. ペットスキャンで確認できる癌は無し 4回目!

My latest PET Scan came out “clean”: NED, non-evidence of disease! Yay!

As there is no cure for Stage 4 breast cancer, this is the best I could be. This means I will be on the same treatment, or the treatment has worked well for me. (日本語は英語の後に)


Every 6 months of PET Scan. Waiting for the PETScan result makes me always nervous about what-ifs. I wonder what it is like to wait for a very important verdict at a trial, you never know what awaits me. If it is as-is, I can imagine the same 6 months health condition. If it worsens, my oncologist will likely switch from Kadcyla to something next. This means my side effects would change. Kadcyla treatment’s side effects are known to be relatively minor. I hope to stay on this. I know I can manage this.

My oncologist postponed my treatment by two weeks.

I went to my oncologist following with my 42nd time Kadcyla treatment. I was all prepared for myself mentally and physically. I took about 100 oz of water a day before and asked my SNS friends to help me drink. I scheduled my workload and sleeping time according to my recovery time. As a typical routine, I stopped by a blood testing room. Instead of a prick on my finger, a practitioner insisted to draw blood for special testing. I can nudge that to be drawn later while doing chemo, but it did not work this time. My oncologist has been monitoring an indicator about my liver in my blood since it indicated higher than normal.

Despite my preparation, I will have to return for another blood test in two weeks. I was off the hook this time. According to her, the toxicity of the Kadcyla after a long period of time has accumulated, and my liver needs some recovery. She will think about this…

Yay, I am off the hook for 2 weeks. A super short-last of the joy! Because this change in the pattern made me realize that I cannot be on this at the level and frequency of the regular Kadcyla regimen. It took me a day to think about this, but the more I think about this… it concerns me.

Well, let me tell you this. It is important to keep you up in good health in general for a rainy day. I am sure my friends and family agree; I was one of the healthiest-eating and lifestyle people I knew! I was reluctant about my efforts toward a healthy lifestyle when I found cancer. But overall, I think it pays off in a long run. Keep working on a healthy lifestyle, everyone!








「2週間伸びて、治療しなくていい」やったぁ~~~と 非常に非常に近視的モノの見方で プチ喜びしてみたものの。時間が経って落ち着けば落ち着くほど、不安要素が頭によぎる。私の体が保ってくれないことには、カドサイラが続けられないし。カドサイラが続けられなくなっちゃったらどうなっちゃうかなぁ。とか。




私は回復が早すぎて、抜けるはずのチューブまで巻き込んで回復したから先生がびっくりしていた。まぁ おかげでそのチューブを取りぬくのが大変だったけど。それくらい普段からなるべく健康に保っていることは、避けられない病気になっちゃったときに役に立つ。