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Year 2019’s Resolution 今年の目標

yoko katz January 5, 2019 1 comment

A happy healthy new year to you. (Japanese at the end: 日本語は英語の後)

In 2018, I stayed healthy. I had been going to scheduled doctors’ visits and they found nothing developed. I hope to keep going this way.

In this year 2019, I will be donating my hair for an organization that makes wigs for cancer patients. When I first donated, it was after my mastectomy surgery and before the first chemotherapy in 2014. I had a long-hair style that I really liked, but after discovering that I would most likely to lose the hair, I decided to donate it. I blamed that cancer made me do it.

Long hair before chemotherapy in 2014.

For a long time, it bugged me that my first and only hair donation I had done was because of cancer. It is better than throwing it away for nothing, but it just bugged me.

When my hair started to grow back, I waited for it to grow back patiently. More I want that to be longer, I felt that it grows back slowly. I had more time to think about it. Two of my best friends donated their hair after my cancer and I felt so grateful about that. I started to want to donate with my own will this time. Despite that I really liked short hair on me, I really wanted to have my hair cut short, and I have been giving up a fashionable hairstyle or hair color, I have been dedicating myself so that I will make this grow and I will donate it with my own will.

The business insider had posted an article about hair donation a couple of weeks ago, written by Ms. Harrington. It also had a great summary of different organizations:

From Business Insider Article.
Credit: Shayanne Gal/Business Insider

I wish you all a wonderful healthy year 2019! Those who are going through treatments, one step at a time. Everytime, praise yourself for the thing you have decided or thing you have done, you are doing great.

Yoko Katz



2019年、いよいよ髪の毛を 100%自らの意思で寄付できたらいいなと思って 日々待ち遠しく過ごすことになりそうです。私の人生で初の髪の毛寄付は、残念ながらも、2014年に抗がん剤で髪の毛が無くなるからと言う理由で寄付を決めました。確かに、長かった髪の毛をそのまま捨ててしまうのであれば、寄付の選択は正しかったと思います。でも、そこにある思いと言うのは、「この癌のせいで、私は髪の毛を失うことになる」という切実な思いからだけでした。


My hairstylist, Yoko, is cutting my hair for donation before chemo.


私の髪の毛が伸びてきて。思ったより、ショートヘアが気に入ったので、本当は切りたいのです。中途半端な髪の長さに、まとまりが悪い上に、段々乾かす時間も 坊主頭やベリーショートの時に比べたら半端なく長くかかります。あまりに普通にストレートなので、全然モード感感じません。でも今年は、まだ切りたいところを我慢したいとも思っています。今回の寄付は、100%自分の意思で寄付がしたいからです。誰かのお役に立ってねと思って寄付をしたい。そんな年明けになりました。

皆様の一年が健康で過ごせますように。ただいま 治療中の方が読んでいらっしゃるのなら、やりたくないのにやらなくてはいけない治療の日もあるかと思います。本当に、長い時間だし、嫌で逃げたいんですよね。でも、一つ一つです、一回一回決断や治療をこなした自分を大事にほめてあげてください。そんな風に過ごせますように。

キャッツ洋子 Yoko Katz

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  1. Brava, Yoko. Thank you for such insights, with your light and precise touch.