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NYC marathon runner, Yuko ゆーこさんのNYCマラソン

Yoko Katz November 3, 2019 0 comments

This year’s NYC marathon became very special to me. A survivor sister, Yuko, is running the NYC marathon on November 3, 2019, by dedicating the run to me! Yuko has survived the same type of breast cancer about the same time as mine. We met at SHARE breast and ovarian cancer support group while we were going through treatments.

When she found out about my recurrence, it shocked her tremendously, which I understand. She texted me telling that she would like to dedicate this year’s marathon by thinking of me. She wishes me to keep being brave and enjoying doing something that I find fun, even during the time when I feel sad and scary. She wants to finish with a smile on her face thinking of me at the end.

I can resonate with the marathon running to the cancer-fighting journey. Although I never have done one myself, I can imagine that each training may be tough and keep working at it. Each stride brings her to her own goal. She will finish her goal with a smile. I will try to finish mine with a smile when one day I can claim myself a cancer-free if that day ever comes!

Thank you, Yuko, for thinking of me. This is such a special gift to me and made me cry. Thank you!