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Fainted at Oncologist Office 腫瘍内科で気を失う

yoko katz December 22, 2016 0 comments

The first thing first: I am FINE! I just fainted at a blood test. It was rather embarrassing!

I had my regular bi-annual oncology office visit, hoping to find nothing yesterday (and nothing was found!). Before seeing my doctor, I was requested to stop by at a lab, there might or might not be a blood test. I did not know until the day of my visit.

Before my diagnosis, I was always not that good at blood being tested. I sometimes fainted but I did not have to do it much at all. This time, I was telling myself: “I used to do this all the time 2 years ago when I was diagnosed and through my treatments. I was fine and I should be fine now.” But a second I was seated to a special chair… “I am not sure I ever got used to do this. I don’t like this.” I was talking anything all the time to this specialist, partly, I was uncomfortable with this situation. The guy missed the first poking…

He found another spot and started all over again… By the time, this was over, I started to feel oozy. I remember people were calling my name many times. My oncology doctor rushed to see me and helped me laying on the floor (yes, lab floor…). When I opened my eyes, there were about 15 people looking into my face. It took me awhile, but I finally smiled about my situation. I was almost requesting for them to sing me some songs, but I was not sure if that was more appropriate to request Jingle Bell or Hanukkah in New York hospital, or maybe both. Anyway, I did not ask :-).

While I was on the floor, my doctor was checking me constantly, but she also added some notes to everyone how fashionable I always had been especially during the chemotherapy treatments. Yes, that was me, but I was on the floor yesterday, nobody could not be more fashionable being than that!

This bi-annual oncologist visit, nothing was found, which was a good sign! 2 years after my chemotherapy. I have done so many IVs and blood tests then. My doctor asked me how I did them. I just had to do them… No choice. I was forced to be strong. I never have fainted during my treatments.

タイトルでご心配おかけしますが、先に結論から言えば、私は元気ですし、再発も今のところ確認されませんでした(パチパチパチ)。 腫瘍内科で、血液検査をした際に倒れただけ。少し恥ずかしいぐらいです。



ところが、椅子に座ったとたんに、妙に嫌だった時の気持ちが盛り上がり、あぁもうこんなことやりたくないなと。抗がん剤治療中は、血液検査は、簡単なんのその!だったのに、この弱気な今日の私。1度目の針を係の方が失敗する。2度目の針でうまく取れましたが、だんだんくらくらしてくる。終わったころには、視覚がきゅ~っと狭くなってきて大変。看護士さんたちが ずっと私の名前を呼んでいる。

腫瘍内科の先生が駆けつけてくれて、床に寝かせてくれて。気が付いて目を開ければ、なんと15人ぐらいの病院の方たちが私の顔を覗き込んでいる。(息子に話すと、「マミーそれは 映画のシーンでよくある感じだな。」と。なるほど そんな感じ。)もう、恥ずかしくなって 笑いたくなって。ついでにクリスマスも近いので、ジングルベルでも歌ってくれないかなとか。いや、ニューヨークなので、ユダヤ系の人たちも多いから、そうなったら ハヌカの曲でも歌ってくれと頼んだ方がいいのかな。とか考えたぐらい。(結局何も頼めなかった (笑))

よく考えれば、癌がわかる前は、血液検査が大嫌いで、ほぼ毎回くらくらとなって横になってしまう。動けない。だったのに、2年前の治療中や、受精卵凍結治療の治療中、と よくぞまあ、たくさんの血液検査や点滴治療をしてきたもんだ。その時倒れなかったのは、たぶん、それよりももっと恐ろしい何かと戦っていたので、血液検査なんてなんのその だったように思う。無理やり強くさせられていたんだなぁ。

血液検査室の床に寝ている間、先生はこまめに私の身体状況を確認していく。その間にも先生は、周囲の人たちに、この人がどれだけファッショナブルで抗がん剤治療中もとってもファッショナブルで素敵なのよと アピールしてくれていた。ありがとうございます。今 床に寝転がっているほどファッショナブルなことはないでしょ~(笑)と思っていました。