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Day11: Teaching Monday

yoko katz December 1, 2014 2 comments

11 Days after the 6th and the last chemotherapy.  Today was the last day of my lectures, only final exams are the left undone for the semester.

I still feel nauseous, but it was the very last lecture day for the semester.  I stayed in bed until late to have some extra rest.  Then I had to manage taking picture of myself with a timer function of my camera for this record.  I managed to go to the class by public transportation only, and not using taxi.  Anxiously waiting for a taxi may not always healthy for me.  I just walked slowly.  The lecture itself went very well.

I am really fortunate to have many friends who are willing to help me in many ways.  A friend took care of my son today.  We had a nanny for our son, but since my parents were here to help managing our household, our nanny took other job(s?).  She was not available for today.  After school program requires us to pick him up earlier than I could come home and it did not work for me.

Another friend offered me a ride from the nearest train station to home.  It is a very short distance from the station to home, but it is a steep uphill that I was having trouble climbing up.  Another friend also offered me for a ride, too.  I really appreciate all the thoughts for me.

Both of these friends brought me food for the family.  Thank you so much, we had them for the dinner tonight, Tuesday lunch, then breakfast on Wed. (I am writing this on Wednesday.)  I don’t get hungry yet.  I did not eat much in the morning and lunch, but I just did not get hungry at all.  Once I started eating at night, I started to eating a lot.  I did not realize I was hungry, but my body knew I needed to eat a lot.  It was a very strange feeling.  While my parents were here, they provided me meals 3 times a day at the time I supposed to eat no matter how I felt.  I realize that it kept me running well and enough eating. (Thanks again, my parents!)

[Day 11 after the 6th chemotherapy]  Nausea (medication in the morning.)  Fatigue in my legs, tingling sensation as well.  Taste buds are still strange.  Appetite is gradually coming back.  Burping.


まだ 気持ち悪さが残っているが、今日が最後の講義の日となる。ぎりぎりまでベッドの中でゆっくり休息している。記録のためにと写真を撮るのに 一人撮り(鏡をつかわず、手で持たずにタイマーでセルフィー)に時間がかかる。クラスまでは、今日は公共機関で乗り継いでいく。タクシーも捕まえるのに気苦労したりするから、公共機関が気楽で良い。ただ、歩くところはゆっくりスピードで。講義はうまくいく。


違うお友達が駅まで車で迎えに来てくれた。短い距離だけれど、駅から家までの上り坂が一人では登りきれない。すごく助かった。もう一人、お友達が、送迎が必要かと声をかけてくれる。こうして私のことを想って 考えてくれている友人に感謝の気持ちがいっぱいです。

息子の面倒を見てくれたお友達と、お迎えに来てくれたお友達が、料理を持って来てくれた。今晩食べたし、火曜日のランチと水曜日の朝食にいただきました。(水曜日にこの日のブログを書いている。)まだ、おなかがすくという感覚がない。気がついたら、一日中 ほとんど何も食べていなかった。夜に食べ始めたら、とてもたくさん食べた。感覚は、おなかがすかないが、体はおなかがすいているのかもしれない。私の両親がいた頃は、3食 時間になれば、キチンと用意してくれていた。私の体調に合った食べやすいもので、私の調子がどうであれ、3食欠かさずに出してくれた。栄養バランスのとれたものを食べていた。(再びだけれど、両親にも感謝してる!ありがとう。)

[6回目抗がん剤治療11日目] 吐き気(朝薬)脚に疲れがあり。しびれもあり。味覚がまだおかしい。食欲は少しずつ戻りつつある。ゲップ。


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