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Fashion can help us heal this process!

In May, 2014 at an age of 36, I was diagnosed with breast cancer; Estrogen Positive, Progesterone Positive and HER 2 +++ with Micro-metastatic on 1 lymph node (Stage 1B).  I am a Japanese, living in NY area with my husband and a son.  Left mastectomy is done.  November, 2014: I completed Doxetaxel & Carboplatin 6 chemo cycles in every 3 weeks.   Herceptin and Parjetatarget therapy IV injections every 3 weeks are over in July 2015.   The 2nd stage reconstruction surgery is completed on January 13, 2015.  Nipple and areola construction has completed in December 2015.  Hormone therapy will be for 5 years until November 2019.

2014年5月、36歳、乳がん告知。エストロゲン・プロジェストロンホルモン & HER2 &リンパ1つに微小の転移あり。(Stage 1 B)  左胸全摘出。同時再建開始し、2015年1月13日乳房再建の2度目の手術終了。2015年12月乳首と乳輪の再生工程終了。ドクセタクセル&カーボプラチン抗がん剤6サイクルを2014年11月に終了。ハーセプチンとパージェタの点滴治療は2015年7月終了。口径ホルモン治療2014年11月から5年間。ブログエントリーは、英語の後に 日本語記述してます(内容は、英語も日本語も同じ)。

After Surgery, Back to Work! 術後、お仕事復活

乳がん 乳癌 キャッツ洋子 ヨーコキャッツ キャッツヨーコ ファッション 子宮筋腫

After 2 weeks of the recovery time, I went back to work.  During these recovery days, I had basically no social life, no make-up and no hair-do.  Some friends pop-up to check up on me, and that cheered me up!  But otherwise, I was getting a low self-esteem over time.  So, dressing up brought back my good energy!  I really needed that effect from the styling.


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Surgery! いよいよ手術!

乳がん 乳癌 キャッツ洋子 ヨーコキャッツ キャッツヨーコ ファッション 子宮筋腫 手術 治療

I received a phone call after lunch, telling me my check-in and surgery time for tomorrow, Wednesday, August 23, 2017.  I will remove a or many fibroid(s) from uterus, and I will be sent home on the same day (wow, unthinkable from knowing some Japanese medical system).  Oh boy, the last couple of days, I could not focus on anything!   Read More

Possible Surgery for Fibroid Removal 子宮筋腫を取り除く手術かも

乳がん 乳癌 キャッツ洋子 ヨーコキャッツ キャッツヨーコ ファッション

This summer in June, I had my regular oncologist visit at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NYC.  There is no sign of cancer so far and that was good.  But my fibroid is getting so big that the oncologist requested me to test and check with specialists.  Over this summer, I have seen some specialists and it looks like I will have a surgery to remove it.

My GYN said my fibroid is as big as a grapefruit, or my utrus with the tumor is about 4 month pregnant size.

(The top picture, the hat I made, Hats by Yoko Katz, became a matching set to the hospital gown. LOL.)

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Marking the 3rd anniversary of breast cancer diagnosis 乳がん宣告3年目

乳がん 乳癌 キャッツ洋子 ヨーコキャッツ キャッツヨーコ ファッション

Three years ago, today, I received a phone call from a radiologist.  My husband also pictures exactly where and what position he heard the terrible news when I picked up the phone that day.  I still believe that was not done right that I was told “all three were cancer,” and I was not informed of the stage of my cancer.  How scared I was, you cannot imagine.  The internet information only terrified me, telling me in statistics of “5 year survival rate.”  When I was completely, I thought, healthy 36 years old.  My son was only 8 years old, quickly my wild and worse imagination occupied me and confined me in a darkness.  It was hard to breath, I cried for days and months. 日本語は英文の後にあり。

乳がん 乳癌 キャッツ洋子 ヨーコキャッツ キャッツヨーコ ファッション

A beret hat by Hats by Yoko Katz, yes, my design!

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symposium speaker (in Japanese) success! 乳がんシンポジウムの講師

キャッツ洋子 乳がん ようこ シンポジウム タモキシフェン ファッション

This past Saturday, April 23, 2017, I was one of three guest speakers at a breast cancer awareness conference held by a non-profit organization, Young Japanese Breast Cancer Network, at a residence of Japanese ambassador in New York.   Two other speakers were breast surgeons from New York and Japan, both Japanese, and I was a survivor speaker.  My title of the presentation was “my breast cancer treatments story: fashion helped me in my healing process.” My story + turban wrapping demonstration in 15 minutes.


キャッツ洋子 乳がん ようこ シンポジウム タモキシフェン ファッション BC Network

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Tamoxifen, Leg Cramps→Magnesium タモキシフェン、こむら返り→マグネシウム

キャッツ洋子 こむら返り 足がつる 脚 タモキシフェン 帽子

I have been on Tamoxifen medication for breast cancer, since November 2014, that is for 2 years and 2 months.  I am supposed to take this for at least 5 years and possibly 10 years.  I had been suffering from severe leg cramps, but having magnesium supplements gave me peaceful sleep!!!  If you suffer from cramps like me, try magnesium supplement!!!!! (Ask your doctor, if you can take it.)

キャッツ洋子 こむら返り 足がつる 脚 タモキシフェン マグネシウム


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