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乳がん 母の日 緑 ウィッグ ギフト プレゼント gift present

Happy Mother’s Day 母の日

A happy mother’s day.  My son left his mother’s day card that he worked on at school for the weekend.  I could only receive it on Monday.  I was happy to be here for him.  It’s OK, a card comes a day later.  No big deal!!!  I...

乳がん ターバン ファッション ヒールインヒールズ ウィッグ かつら

Teaching Tuesday 火曜日授業の日

Each time I wrap into a turban style, it comes out slightly different, even when I try to do an identical style.  Well, enjoy that!  Today, I looked myself in a mirror and felt like I was in Aladdin, or in a story One Thousand and One Nights...