After the breast cancer symposium 乳がんシンポジウム無事終了

Yesterday’s breast cancer event went successful!  I was one of panelists at the event and shared a part of my stories.  Some issues that young cancer patients may face such as career, raising kids and future pregnancy issues during treatments were discussed.  It was a meaningful event to me.  I hope to encourage people goes through cancer treatments.

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Breast Cancer Discussion Event (in Japanese) 乳癌シンポジウムに登場(ニューヨーク)

I will be speaking as a panelist at a breast cancer symposium this Saturday, April 23 from 1-4pm in New York.  This event is only in Japanese.  I am excited about this opportunity!

ニューヨークで行われる、乳がんシンポジウムに パネリストとして登場します。2016年4月23日土曜日午後1時から4時まで。 日本クラブニューヨークにて。フライヤーのリンク。 今治療中、過去に治療した方、ひょっとしてと自分も?と不安に思っている方、少しでも力になれるといいです。ブログ見ている方で 会場にいらっしゃるようであれば、ぜひ声をかけてくださいね。

非営利団体のBCネットワーク  乳がん情報発信をしている団体のシンポジウムです。定期的に アメリカと日本で講演会をしています。

symposium 2016.04.23


Feel Like “Normal” Breast ごくごく普通だと感じる再建後の胸

キャッツ洋子 ヒールインヒールズ 乳房再建

I was digging snow this past weekend and suddenly, I felt like “wow, it is really normal” about my breast, which had been mastectomy and reconstructed.  I had no pain, and no pulling while shoveling the snow.  I talked about the look of my breast in my last post.  This time, I would like to talk about feel of the breast.

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Dissertation Defense: Pass! 博士論文口頭試験 合格!

博士論文 口頭試験 ディフェンス 乳癌 クリスマスシーズン

I passed my dissertation defense in PhD Economics last week!  My husband and son celebrated my achievement with a cake and Champagne on the same day.  It was a long, and sometimes rough, journey to come to this day.  I still have to make some minor revisions, but the major parts are all done!  A big relief! (Yes, this is THE big project I have been referring as a big project in this blog.)

In the picture above, I took off my hat while defending it.  I tried to look moderately stylish, but hopefully looked smart to defend a serious paper.  How do you rate?

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Happy Halloween 2015 2015年のハロウィン


I remember the last year Halloween, I felt so sick that I did not even want to get up for bathroom.  It was two days after my 5th chemotherapy.  I had my nerve system started to be damaged, peripheral neuropathy, that I lost sensation with my finger tips and toes, and I could not walk uphill.  That was an scary experience.  This year, I was out in streets with my son, going along for trick-or-treating.  I could not help but to think, “I could not even walk this street last year.”  I was happy to be able to do this again.

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Yes, my lost boob is finally back and complete! おっぱい再現 とうとう完了!

乳房再建 完了 

My very last procedure of breast reconstruction: tattooing areola is now completed the reconstruction on the past Friday.  I did mastectomy on my left breast on mid June 2014.  It became my routine to take a look at my left breast every time I became naked.  I almost ignore my original right boob.  I always look at my left breast for some moments, I mean, every day for the last 16 months.

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[Action Requested!] for Breast Cancer Research Fundraising 乳がん月間

乳癌 エステーローダー 

October: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Anything relating to Breast Cancer causes, please post on Instagram or Tweet, with “#BCAstrength” hash tag.  With the tag, mention your breast cancer awareness month activity such as:

1: I eat healthy

2: I exercise more

3: I wear Pink ribbon today

4: I made an appointment for mammography

Each entry of #BCAstrength, Estee Lauder will give $25 for breast cancer research up to $25,000.

My action today was that I came out open about my diagnosis to my students of this semester for the first time in this semester.  Since I teach many young women at my college each semester, it is my job to raise breast cancer awareness of young women.  Young women are more likely to assume they don’t have breast cancer and when they realize that they have it, the outcome can be worse than the average.  No annual mammography is recommended under age 40.  Often no pain associates with early stage breast cancer.  I feel like I have a great mission to spread words and awareness of young women’s breast cancer.

Please take a moment to take an action to fight against breast cancer.

Estee Lauder 乳癌

The Empire State Building is dressed up in pink! エンパイアがピンク色。



今日は、一つ 行動を起こしてください!あなたの行動1つが、$25(3000円)の寄付につながります。乳がん対策の活動をして、インストグラムかツイッターに  “#BCAstrength” の ハッシュタグをつけて 投稿してください。例えば、





なんでも 良いです。自分の投稿1つ付、化粧品会社の エステーローダーが 3000円乳がん研究団体に寄付します。エステーローダーは最大合計300万円寄付します。


本日、私は自分の学生に、私の体験を話をして、One Actionを呼びかけました。若年性乳がんは、割と珍しいほうですが、突然にして起こりうることもあるということを、若い女性の多い私のクラスで紹介しました。若いので、まさか自分が癌だと思わずに、しこりがあっても無視することがあります。そして、痛みが出始めたときには、癌がかなり進行してしまっている場合も 若い人には多くなりがちなのです。

さて、一つぜひ 健康な食事の写真でも撮って、ハッシュタグをつけて、投稿して 乳癌研究費の募金にぜひつなげてください。お願いします。


Last year’s activity. I did not have my hair.  去年の寄付を募った時。髪の毛がなかったな。。。