Day 4: Finding about Steroid Pill Power

Today was better than yesterday.  I wake up fine, some fatigue, but not as bad as yesterday.  No nausea.  Good start.

But, most of my day, I was lying down.  That was the most comfortable position I could take, while texting and browsing websites with my cell or watching movies.

In the afternoon, a nurse from the chemotherapy unit called me to check on me.  We went over how I felt and confirmed this has been perfectly normal reaction.  She assured that the chemotherapy I had was a strong one, and I should take things easy.  Don’t over do anything.  She told me to expect a very similar reaction cycle for the future 5 sessions as well, and plan accordingly.  (My relative-in-law told me the same, too! Thanks.)

One thing I found very interesting from the conversation is the reason I felt relatively fine on the first and the second days of the chemotherapy.  It was a set of steroid pills, Decadron, that I took for over three days, a day before, during and a day after chemotherapy.  The nurse told me that once the Decadron’s effect is gone, then I must feel exhausted.  The whole thing made sense now!

On Day 2, I could go out for the farmer’s market, only because I had that medicine. Wow, that medicine is powerful, then.


[physically]: Not as bad as yesterday.  Fatigue. No appetite. I don’t get hungry.  I eat, only because it is time to do.  Last day of my period.  Before going to bed, I became nauseous.  I took Lorazepam for sleep.

[emotionally]: I became sad about my appetite.  I used to be such a foodie.  There was a time that I thought I was living for food.  Now I eat food for living, period.  It is sad to realize that I don’t have anything in my mind what I want to eat.  Food seems to be out of picture, no joy comes along.  Now it is obligation to have something nutritious to sustain my life.

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Day 3: after my 1st chemotherapy


Honestly, I did not like the way I was today at all.  All I could do was just lying down.  I could not get up.

I wake up feeling nauseous.  My husband brought me an anti-nausea pill.  I was too tired to even ask him for the pill.  I did not want to speak.

By the afternoon, I was tired of lying down in bed.  I spent some time lying down outside, just to change the air.  Then I went back inside to watch a movie.

[physically]  Exhausted.  No energy.  No appetite. Lazy to do anything.  Reconstructed left breast bothers me.  My left underarm does not have any sensation.  I started my period a day before chemotherapy, and it is still going on.  My pee is so clear.

[emotionally]  Realizing my condition, made me cry from time to time.  Feeling miserable.  I don’t know how to enjoy “not doing anything” in general.  Frustrating.  I was disappointed with me.  Life is not easy.  Down, down, down all day.

今日は、最悪な日。けだるさで、本当に動きたくない。朝から 胸焼け。でも、薬を取りにいくことも億劫であれば、ハズバンドにヘルプと言葉にするだけでも億劫である。とにかく 一日 ベッドやソファーに寝る 寝る 寝る。起きると気持ち悪いわけではないんだけれど、重力が地球より大きなところに来て、重力に抗えない感覚。

[体調] 疲れ。エネルギーなし。食欲全くなし。再建途中の左胸が気になる。本当に 綺麗になってくれるんだろうかなぁ。と不安。24時間ワイヤー入りのブラをつけていると さすがに 窮屈。脇の下の感覚がないので、気になって 常に触ってしまう。抗がん剤治療前に 生理が始まって、そろそろ 終わるのかな、当分 生理も来ないだろうな。あるべきものがなくなるのは悲しい。尿が 異様に透明。

[心] もう 今の自分を抜け出したい。悲しくなって 今日は 泣いた。暇はつまらないと思うので、何かしら動いていたこの私。体が動いてくれなくて 否応なく暇をさせられて それが苦痛。自分にがっかり。人生つらいなぁ。と 今日の心理は 最悪。

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Day 2: after my 1st chemotherapy


AMAZING: I am talking to myself…  Day 2 of my 1st chemo, I was at a farmer’s market!

ぷぷぷ。自分でもうそみたい。なんと ファーマーズマーケットに 朝から顔出しちゃった。(写真で見ると 顔が はれぼったい気がするけど。)

I wake up around 9 AM.  My husband got me freshly made corn muffins from near by deli.  As I was eating the corn muffin, I was wondering who is going to get me fresh corns for me from a farmer’s market near by.

I asked my husband to go and get them for me.   Then wonder… maybe I can come.  So we went!

Fresh flowers, fresh bread, fresh veggies, fresh fruits and fresh fresh fresh.  It was so refreshing.

9時おき。近所で ハズバンドが 焼きたてのコーンマフィンを調達。コーンと言えばシーズン真っ只中。甘い甘い コーンが土曜日に開く ファーマーズマーケットで売っているんだけれどなー。 買って来てもらうのをお願いしたけど、調子も良さそうだったから 一緒についていってみることにした。近くだし、いざとなったら すぐに帰宅しよう。


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