Day 17-18: Doing Great

It is such a short period when I can move around.  I try to fit as many to-dos, including preparation for the next three weeks amount of teaching material.

I just wanted to say I am doing great those two days, in case some of my readers wonder about how I am doing.  Almost normal except I have some strange taste in my mouth 24/7 that I cannot enjoy something sweet.

My next chemotherapy is coming up on Wednesday morning.

本当に 動ける時間が短いので、その間に 優先順位をつけて、やることをこなしています。今週含めた3週間分の授業の用意も含まれています。

この2日間、順調です。心配して覗いてくれているかもしれないので、伝えたくて。ほぼ体調は、いつもどおり。ただ、口の中に 妙な味が 四六時中していることぐらいです。甘いものを食べると おかしな味すぎて トライはしてみるものの、パス状態です。


Day 16: Visiting a Support Group -SHARE

My first time, I visited a breast and ovarian cancer support group.  The organization, SHARE, is a New York City based breast and ovarian cancer support group, but open to nationwide.    It offers hotline help, educational programs and topic based support group meetings. The picture is with Aiko, who runs the Japanese SHARE organization.  (日本語は 英語の後に記述。)


SHARE - Dedicated, experienced support for women facing breast and ovarian cancers (click for the link)

Breast, Ovarian, Latina, Caregiver

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Day 10: After 2nd Chemo

Day 10 is the half way in one cycle.  Day 10 was the first day that I stayed without anti-nausea medication during the day.  I will take one at night.  The half of the 3 weeks-in-between cycle, my days are mostly spent lying down in a bed or couches and taking medications constantly.  I only have the second half to be gradually being active.  Time is very short to be able to move around, and it becomes very precious time to me.  (日本語は英語の後に。Japanese is after English.)

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Day 7 & 8: after 2nd chemo

Day 7: DOWN in bed all day after teaching. WOW, it knocked me down.  I felt so nauseous even after taking a medication.  I had to call my doctor’s office if I can take another kind at the same time, I am prescribed 2 different kinds.  (Answer was YES!)  I remember, the last cycle, I started feeling slightly better during day 7, and I took a short trip to the city.  I took it easy and did not push that hard.


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