Day 7: Rest, rest, rest

My hand is also healing from the mus-treated vein.  It still look slightly darker around that area.  A day to charge my energy back.  Resting well in bed.  Nausea is milder.  I feel getting better each day now.

手の甲で 点滴注射の失敗した箇所が 周辺の皮膚よりも 一段と暗い。昨日までの疲れを 取るために 横になっている一日。気持ち悪さも 減ってきた。もう後 これからは 良くなる一方!




Day 5: After 3rd Chemotherapy

Today’s Style: Just relax.  Fashion came last… WOW, I never thought that day would came.

It was so tempting that I wanted to cancel my teaching class today.  Very strong nauseous.  No appetite means I have not been eaten well for the last days.  Fatigue.  My husband, who is usually a very  decline guy, suggested me to stay, so my parents were worried ans asked if I can ever have that as an option.  I thought about it, but I had a doctor’s appointment in the city anyway.  When I can, I should be teaching as much as I can, period.

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Day 4: After 3rd Chemo

Completely lost appetite today.  Fatigue.  Nausea for all day. My butt looks pretty bad, I hope I won’t get infection.  A long long day.  One hour passes extremely slowly.

食欲をまったく無くす。疲れ。丸一日 とても気持悪い。お尻が蒸れていたのか、ただれてきている。そこから菌が入って ひどくならないのかが心配である。一日が 一時間が とてつもなく長い。