Day 8 after my 6th and the last chemotherapy.  We had a happy Thanksgiving.

Our family friends invited us over for the Thanksgiving this year.  I could not appreciate their offer more this year.  Normally, I would be the cook for our family and cooking is my passion, but I don’t have much appetite and my taste buds are not normal yet.  I taste everything slightly off from the taste I know of.  How can I be a good cook for my family?  I don’t think so.  My husband… he is not interested in cooking.  My son, out of question.  Oh, my parents!  Oops, it is their very first Thanksgiving and they have no clue what should be served.  Our friends’ kind offer for the Thanksgiving was one less worry that I might have had.  It was so thankful.

I am thankful for countless and varieties of help I received since I found out my illness.  Just letting me know that you are there for me gives me such power and strength to fight against my cancer.  Thank you!

[Day 8 after the 6th chemo] Nausea (medication at night.)  Tingling sensation in my toes and fingers.




[6回目抗がん剤治療後8日目] 吐き気 (夜に薬。)  脚と指にピリピリとした痺れがある。



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  • 洋子ちゃんの病気、ぼくも色々と感慨深い。


    • ふわっち。
      今までと違った視点で 多くのことを考える機会と時間。
      いろいろ想像して感じてくれて ありがたく思うよ。

      ターキーは 私が元気になったころに 食べにいらっしゃい! 

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