I had my friends visited me for a short time.  I had not seen them for awhile but once they learned of my situation, they came to visit me.  I warned them that I might not be up for talking much, but I welcomed if they just wanted to see me.  It was nice for them to stop by.  After lying down in bed for the past days, I was bored of watching movies.  Especially, having two friends visiting at once, I did not have to do the talking all the time and it was a nice change. 

I also learned that I could sip liquid more when I am with somebody.  I know that taking liquid is important, but it is not easy while you are lying down.

Tomorrow, despite the Columbus Day, which some schools close for the day, I have my teaching.  My husband has a day off and thanks to him, he can drive me to the city.  That will be more comfortable.

The green tomatoes picture is from our garden.  I could not take care of it well during spring and my parents planted it when they came to help me from Japan, but it was too late.  I wonder if these ever become red.

[Day 4] Nauseous (medication in the morning.  Anti-anxiety/nausea at night).  No appetite at all.  A lot of burping.


誰かと一緒に時間を過ごすと 自然と飲み物に手が伸びるものだというのも分かった。たくさん水分を取らないといけないと言われて入るけれど、一日横になっていると どうしても飲む量が少なくなる。



[Day 4] 気持悪い(朝薬。夜:抗不安・吐き気止めの薬)。食欲が 一切なくなる。ゲップがすごく出る。


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  • 点滴もうまくいって、その後の経過もまずまずそうで良かった!

    • Michiyo
      みんなの 気持のエネルギーかんじて 力にしてます。
      今日 やっぱり きつかった。。。でも おしまい!ふー。

  • よーこさん、何をしてても辛いんだろうね。

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