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symposium speaker (in Japanese) success!  乳がんシンポジウムの講師
yoko katz April 24, 2017

symposium speaker (in Japanese) success! 乳がんシンポジウムの講師

This past Saturday, April 23, 2017, I was one of three guest speakers at a breast cancer awareness conference held by a non-profit organization, Young Japanese Breast Cancer Network, at a residence of Japanese ambassador in New York.   Two other speakers were breast surgeons from New York and Japan, both Japanese, and I was a survivor speaker.  My title of the presentation was "my breast cancer treatments story: fashion helped me in my healing process." My story + turban wrapping demonstration in 15 minutes. 日本語表記は、英語表記の後にあり。

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My Treatment Timeline
yoko katz August 18, 2014

My Treatment Timeline

I wanted to share my treatment time line for a reference.  (Please read "important" at the bottom, if you are diagnosed breast cancer.)  As many of breast cancer cases, I did not feel a pain or sick at all.  I felt perfectly healthy, in fact, I thought I was one of the most healthiest, or the most health conscious person around me.  One major different thing about the cancer from other illness is that removing cancer with surgery is only the very first step (note: some cancer requires chemotherapy before surgery).  Many other treatments to follow in breast cancer.  When I found about about the length of the treatment I had to have, I was daunted to face that fact.  Previously, I never had surgery, I did not take any medications regularly, and I even did not take any vitamins because I self-studied nutrition and my meals provided me balanced vitamins and minerals. Day 11:  Almost normal.  I took a long nap in the afternoon.  I also did another bike ride! [physically] I can feel a mild body ache from yesterday's exercise.  I need some exercise.  Mild nausea, but I did not take medication.  I wake up feeling normal, but gradually my nausea reminds me that I am under chemotherapy treatment, (this is an improvement.)  I had head ache and took Advil.  My pimples are healing.  I don't digest food well, food comes out from me recognizable (I tried not to be very descriptive). [emotionally] Very steady.  I can predict the next cycles.  Not knowing what will happen to me was a big fear.  Next cycle, I might be a little better to handle the cycle emotionally.

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yoko katz August 8, 2014

A day after my 1st chemotherapy

A day after my first chemotherapy time line. 第一回抗がん剤治療後 1日目のわたし。

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