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Surgery is coming up. 手術決定。

yoko katz August 16, 2017 0 comments

I decided to have a fibroid removal surgery.  It is coming up next week, Wednesday, 8/23, 2017.

As in my previous post, I have a big fibroid.  This Monday, I had another doctor’s meeting and he said he would do it.  It took me awhile to come here, time and meeting 5 doctors and specialists during this summer.

This doctor at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center told me that he would remove this with a minimum invasive method, with robotic arms, using a bag to capture the tumor to prevent it to spread.  That is what I wanted.  The recovery time is shorter.  I had all summer thinking about this.  I was ready.  At this meeting, I signed paper for the surgery.

It’s been 2 days since I signed the paper and it’s a week away.  My attention is all over the place.  I cannot focus on one thing, I am agitated a bit.

Tomorrow will be MRI and pre-surgical blood test.  I picked up a prescription to sedate me during MRI.  I cannot stand a closed space.   That makes me even worse to sit still today.

子宮筋腫の手術を決めてきた。来週の水曜日 8月23日。

先日のブログでも書いたけれど、大きな筋腫がある。14日の月曜日に、新たなお医者さんとのアポがあって、先生が手術をしてくれることになる。ここまで来るのに、5人の先生とこの夏 話をした。

最初の先生で、もう少し細かく見てみましょうと。2人目は、検査をするだけの先生だし。3人目は、地元の先生で、基本なアプローチを教えてくれて。4人目で、全体の乳がん治療と今後の妊娠と筋腫の話がやっとまとめて聞けて、最良の治療を一緒に考えてくれて、腹が決まって。その先生の紹介で5人目の先生と話をして、その先生が、器械アームを使っておなかの中で、筋腫を袋に入れて 取り出して 筋腫の拡散を防ぎながら手術するとのこと。