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NBC Today Show Link

yoko katz October 14, 2014 4 comments

The TV recording went on air today! I was so excited to see myself on a part of Today Show, NBC! Hurray for what!? 3 seconds! let me remind you, the recording took place an hour after I was done with my 4 hours chemotherapy last Wednesday. Those who missed: here is the LINK to the segment!

I had a message to deliver to breast cancer patients and their supporters that we didn’t have to be depressed all the time while dealing with the cancer. Yes, my cancer is a huge threat for me and I fear. I wish I did not have to go though this. But if I have to deal with it anyway, I wanted to show that I didn’t have to be depressed all the time and fashion can give a hand to lift me up from time to time. This in turn, gives chances for patient’s supporters to approach them in positive ways, too. Too bad that it only had a very short time to broadcast of our recordings! I talk about food only and nothing about fashion at all. It was definitely a great experience for me, though. Thank you for the opportunity, NBC!

やりました。全米放送のNBC Today Showにとうとう出ちゃいました。やった!え?なんだって?3秒ぐらい!笑。さて こちらのリンクに ほんのチラッと出ています。 お見逃しなく。

乳 がんを体験する患者と、その周囲のサポートをしてくれる人たちに 私にはメッセージがある。癌の治療中 四六時中ずっと暗く引きこもって、嘆き悲しんでいるだけになってほしくないと。私にとって 癌は大きな脅威の存在であることに違いないし、できることなら、長期戦となる癌治療もやりたくない。でも、先に 進むには、どうしても避けられなくなってしまった。だから、どうせ避けられずに通らなければいけないなら、ずっと引きこもって嘆き悲しみがちなところに、 ファッションの力を借りれば、時に気分アップが出来るのだと。患者自身が気分アップしている間、周囲でサポートしてくれている人たちも、きっとポジティブ にアプローチしやすいと思う。乳がん患者である瞬間を一瞬忘れられる時があるのは良いと思う。テレビの放映時間がこのトピックで6分無かった中 に、ナビゲーターの二人と専門家と、5人の患者が話しているんだから 私の時間が短いのは仕方が無い!ご飯の話をして、ファッションの話は一切無く。でも 良い経験になったことには違いない!この機会をありがとう!


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  2. Az

    Thank you for letting me know about your site and blog yesterday. I checked your TV appearance in Todays show also! You looked so cute. I am sure You are an amazing professor in FIT! I wish I could have taken your Class back in my FIT years… You are truly an inspiration to everyone! I might go visit NY in July, it would be great if we can catch up ! stay warm!

    • Az,

      It is just so amazing to get in touch with my very old friend! I remember you told me what you were asking for your 12th-year birthday gift. (I bet you don’t remember that, do you?) You told me you were getting clothing for your birthday gift! I can see your passion for fashion there 😀 from an early age! Yap, keep me posted on your trip plan and we will catch up a lot. Thank you for leaving me a comment.