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Day5:After 4th Chemo. Teaching Monday

yoko katz October 13, 2014 6 comments

Thanks to my husband for driving me to my teaching. It made my day a little easier than that of 3 weeks ago after my 3rd chemo.

I had weight measured a week ago at my oncologist’s office. My doctor was happy to see me gaining 4lb. (2kg) more than 3 weeks earlier at the same condition, comparing 2 days before 3rd and 4th chemos. A week later today, I lost about 11lb. (5kg) in a week. I felt so weak to move around at the campus today. It has been this way that I always gain these loss back as I recover in the three weeks cycle.

breast cancer Heal in heels, yoko katz

I am waiting for my husband before we left for teaching. He was first waiting for my photo time to be over…

It happened to be that my pants and my wig had very similar shade of red. A nice touch!

[Day 5] Nauseous (medication in the late afternoon. Anti-anxiety/nausea at night) Fatigue. My internal organs twitch randomly all the time. My left eye lid as well. Gags and burping.




[5日目] 気持悪い(吐き気止め薬 夕方。安定剤・吐き気止め 夜。)疲れている。内臓が 無作為に ぴくぴく動き始める。一日続く。左まぶたもぴくぴくする。ゲップたくさん。



  1. Fumi

    Nice red! You are amazing to go to work and teach. You have a lot of inner strength to accomplish your day like you did today. xoxo

  2. Patti

    Wow…you are such an inspiration! So strong. Positive thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

    • Oh, Patti!
      Thank you for leaving me the comment!
      It has not been easy but I am coming along with all the supports, including comments and “like” from the web, too. Thank you!

  3. Michiyo