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Day1-4: After my 5th chemo

yoko katz November 2, 2014 1 comment

Just for a record: Day 1 to 4 after 5th chemo.

[Day 1 after my 5th chemo] Thurs. Oct 30

A friend visited me to do me a relaxation session. She gave me some leg exercises, which made me tired afterwords. I probably need to keep doing it. I started to think that my weak legs come from lack of exercises. It was so relaxing that I could almost fall in sleep. I realize the importance of breathing once again. I was still being able to talk without getting much nauseous, because of steroid pills I take before, on and after chemotherapy.


[Day 2 after my 5th chemo] Fri. Oct 31

Lying down in bed most of the time. My cheeks are red. My face is a little puffy. Nausea medicine (morning, afternoon and anti-anxiety and nausea in the evening ). I helped my family make-up to prepare for the Halloween.


[Day 3 after my 5th chemo] Sat. Nov 1

Lying down most of the time. Being bored. I took many short naps. I did not (want to) talk much. Nausea medicine (morning, afternoon and anti-anxiety and nausea in the evening ). I took a long bath, because my foot looked so pale.

一日横になっている。散々携帯ゲームとドラマを見まくる。ほとんど誰とも話さない。昼寝をあちこちで取っていた。朝 夕と吐き気止め薬。夜に抗不安薬を飲む。こういう日は、精神的にかなり落ちる。例えこの治療は一時的のことだとは分かってはいても、つらいものである。

[Day 4 after my 5th chemo] Sun. Nov 2 -super windy day-

A friend visited me to watch a comedy movie together. What a great idea. What a cancer patient needs is a great way to be destructed. A cancer battle is a long lasting one, unfortunately. I need destruction here and there. When having a friend, I am up more often and I drink more.

Nausea (medication in the morning. ) Lying down for the most of my day. My eyes twitch all the time.

お友達が、コメディーの映画を一緒に見ようと遊びに来てくれる。すごく良いアイディア!がん患者というのは、何か他ごとに意識を奪われる という時間がとにかく必要である。あいにく、治療は一日二日で終わるものでなく、長い間闘病生活がある。その中の一日でもがん患者を訪ねてくれて、一緒に映画を見てくれるというのは、なんと良いアイディアかしら!お友達が来ていれば、飲まなければいけない水分も 多少多く飲めるものだと私は感じる。


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