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Day 2 & 3: After 4th Chemo

yoko katz October 11, 2014 4 comments

Thank you for showing me your support by “like”ing my Heal in Heels facebook page. I feel nauseous and fatigue for the past 2 days, but you made me smile. Thank you.

These Day 2 and 3, I stay in bed or in a couch in front of TV. I am too tired to talk. I just keep watching movies or simply falling in sleep.

My son was excited to have a sleepover tonight plan at his friend’s home. He had been looking forward to it. I was tired, but I could not help to ask him to bring me his bag so that we can go through what he needed for the sleepover. It is good to realize myself that even at one of my lowest times, I do care about it for him.

[Day 2] Nauseous (medication in the morning and afternoon and anti-anxiety/nausea pill at night). Fatigue. No appetite. This time is better than my 3rd chemo cycle. The success of the IV insertion meant a lot to me this time. Also the response to the facebook encouraged me a lot, too.

[Day 3] Fatigue. Bored by watching movies all day long, but I did not want to talk at all either. Nauseous (medication in the morning and anti-anxiety/nausea pill at night.) No appetite at all. I don’t get hungry.

多くのHeal in Heels FacebookページのLikeクリック、サポートをとても力強く感じて うれしいです。ここ2日は、寝ながらスマホが仲良しだったので、近くにサポートを感じてます。ありがとう!



[2日後] 気持が悪い(朝 夕方 薬。夜に 安定剤と吐き気止めの薬)。疲れ。食欲なし。3度目の抗がん剤後よりましである。点滴の針がうまく刺さったことがこんなに精神的によいことに感心する。Facebookでの応援も すごくうれしい。

[3日後] 疲れ。一日横になり映画を見ているが、人とも話したくない。吐き気(薬・朝。夜に安定剤と吐き気止め) 食欲なし。お腹が空かない。



  1. yuka


    • Yuka
      子供は 興奮して帰宅しました。
      にっこり笑顔が見れて こちらもうれしかった。

  2. Fumi

    It’s so “Yoko” ‘s way to go through this in a positive way. I learned something, Fashion can have a healing power. You are beautiful!