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Day 19: Dr. Visit and Teaching

yoko katz September 15, 2014 6 comments

Oncologist’s appointment was in the morning and everything seems to be good. 98.6F temperature for my vital check-up. In US, it is considered normal, but not in Japan. Anyway, I was considered normal.

There I met a beautiful woman who dressed really elegantly. On the way to the hospital, I happened to follow her 2 blocks and we ended up in the same lab-room’s waiting space for my vital. I could not help but to let her know that she looked really well. We started our conversation since then. She was about an age of my mom. She told me it became especially more important for her to dress well after diagnosed with cancer. I totally agree! She said she felt great even with cancer. She finds very difficult to find comfortable and elegant garments for her age appropriate. Many garments follow trend and she does not need to do that. She was a ballet dancer. Oh, how she walks caught my eyes. So elegant and beautiful.

She has been a vegetarian, vegan for last 20? 40? years, I forgot the length, but it was for long time. But she has hormone and HER 2 positive. I doubted eating red meat or diary may affect the cancer, but it may not be true.


I need to change my closet to fall/winter look. Temperature dropped and we now have heater in the house.

[physically] Normal. This time, I have my taste buds changed all the time. Nothing sweet for me. I cannot taste it well, mixed taste with sweet and salty, no thanks!

[emotionally] I can never be ready for the chemotherapy. Knowing that I will be down for the next 7 to 10 days… mmm. Oh well, 1/3 is completed!

次の抗がん剤のために、癌専門医のところに行く。血圧・体温を測るが、体温が37度ある。アメリカでは、標準扱いなので、大騒ぎはない。私としては、微妙に気になる。けどやっぱり、看護師さんたちは 至極普通。

今日は、とても装いのエレガントな女性に出会った。病院に行く途中から、2ブロックほど後をつける形で歩いていた。結局、私たち、血圧など測る部屋の待合室に着くまで 同じ道を歩んだようだ。「素敵な装いをしているわね」と声をかけたら、お返しに、「あなたも素敵ね。」と 会話が始まった。結局、待っている間 ずっとおしゃべり。彼女は、私の母親ぐらいの年齢。乳がんだとわかってから より外見を素敵にするように心がけているそう。こういうときこそ、素敵にいなくちゃと。共感!!!!ますます興味が沸く人である。トレンドばかりの服でなく、自分が女性らしくエレガントにいられる服を見つけるのが苦労すると。体型も気をつけていて、食事もベジタリアン。乳製品も ここ20年(40年って言ったっけ?忘れちゃった。)ずっと 食べてない。それでも、ホルモンとHER2型の乳がんを患う。牛肉とか、乳製品が良くないかと思うけど、私も あまり量を食べないし、食べていない人までなる乳がん。神経質になるよりも、オーガニックなどで適度においしく食べる生活がいいのかなと ふと考えさせられる。

それにしても、どうやら、バレエダンサーだったらしく。なるほど!姿勢から 身のこなし方まで、エレガントで美しい。素敵な人との出会いに感謝。


[体調] ごくごく普通。ただ、味覚が今回は 狂ったままである。甘いものは一切パス。甘いものは、塩辛さと甘さとで、ぜんぜんおいしいと思わない。いらないわよ!と思うぐらい。健康にはそれがいいかな。

[心理] 抗がん剤治療は、何度考えても全くやりたいと思わないなぁ。向こう何日もダウンするかと思うと これまたつらい。1/3、とにかく終わった。ふー。


  1. Susan

    Let me know if I can do anything! I really love that red wig on you!

    • Susan,
      Thank you!
      So far I somehow like the really fake looking orange. I pulled that one well!
      Anyway, I am having fun with them from day to day.

  2. Yamasaki

    Hi, Yoko san. How are you? I have been thinking about you! I think you are beautiful whatever you wear. I remember last year, about this time of the season, I was in the hospital and fighting to get up.. It is kind of like a sad season for me, looking at leaves change color.
    Then I remember I first met you on Halloween!
    Anyway, i am glad that you are teaching! I am, too, and I think keeping yourself busy is good! Text me if you want me to pick up some grocery tomorrow because I will be stopping by at Hmart on the way from work.
    I wish I had more time to spend with you… but I have been having a low blood pressure due to my steroid reduction and experiencing a big fatigue…
    Just wanted to keep in touch, however,

    • Emi,
      Thank you for the message!
      I fell I am almost doing Halloween everyday with different wigs :-).
      I stopped by a wig store last week, they were promoting them for Halloween.

      My husband and I believe teaching as I can is the best to keep me socially connected outside of my bed.
      Ganbaru! Thank you!

  3. Kaori