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cancer treatment in progress 分子標的治療中

yoko katz March 24, 2015 1 comment

I am in another targeted therapy treatment now.  A tip of the IV went in smooth.  I was not drinking liquid as much as I should yesterday. I started to drink a lot since this morning for now (3:15pm.) I was a little worried about the insertion, but all is good.  My nurse was talking to me all the time.  That distracted me in a good way.

more and more familiar faces off staffs at the chemo units section at this hospital.  “Hey! How have you been?” With super big smiles.

分子標的治療中。昨日 ちょっぴりサボって 水分をいつもより取らなかったから、朝起きてから ずっとガブ飲み。午前中授業だったし 3時間弱授業に途中休憩入れて 水筒の水分補給にお手洗い。サボっていたから 心配していたけど おしゃべりで早口なナースさんが ずっと喋りながら あっという間に 入れてくれた。後30分ぐらいで終わりそう。


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