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A Lifestyle Blog with Breast Cancer

yoko katz August 8, 2014 10 comments

A Lifestyle Blog

What!? I did not see that coming… -Breast Cancer-

In May, 2014 at an age of 36, I was diagnosed with breast cancer; Estrogen Positive, Progesterone Positive and HER 2 +3 with Micro-metastatic on 1 lymph node.  I am a Japanese, living in NY area with my husband and a son.  (Stage 1B.)   2014年5月、36歳、乳がん告知を受けました。エストロゲン・プロジェストロンホルモン & HER2 &リンパ1つに微小の転移ありです。(ステージ1B)


  1. Susan

    Dear Yoko-
    Not to be imprisoned by your illness, you have given wings to your treatment by creating this blog. What a brilliant idea- to help yourself, your friends and others with breast cancer. I am so sorry that you are going through all of this! Did the treatments go as well as the doctors hoped? I think showering also puts water into your body. Can you drink the water as tea or other beverages? That may be more enjoyable for variety.
    I had a big scare myself when I went in for a routine check-up and my doctor found a blocked coronary artery, the day before we moved. I am going through lots of tests to solve the mystery. Thinking of you- S

    • Susan, thank you.

      So far, I don’t have any data on how I responded to this dose of chemo treatments. I will probably see better idea in 3 weeks.

      Showering! OK I will try that as well.
      Water, yes, as long as not having sugar in it, that will be good. I drink with Japanese caffeine free barley tea.

      Mmm… I hope the specialists can find the best approach to the issue that came up. I also think of you.

  2. Chris Cratin

    I have been thinking of you since yesterday. You are going through the toughest of the days in this chemo session. If the nausea persists call the Dr. They should be able to help with some of it. Sleep, sleep, sleep. Let me know if I can help. Call when you are up to it. Hugs! Chris

    • Chris,

      Thank you for the comment. Fatigue therefore sleep all the time. Thom wants me to be up more time… well, soon I hope.

  3. Hang in there Yoko. Todd and I are sending good thoughts your way! Your blog is beautiful…Anne

    • Thank you, Anne. I am still touching round here and there. Trying to figure out how things link from a page to different page… etc. Work in progress.

  4. Chiori


  5. Wakana


    • わかなさん

      じっくり 待つのもねぇ。。。
      すでに まだ あと5回あると 数えちゃう。。。

      今日は、フルーツジュースが凍りになってるの 買って来てもらって なめたよ。おいしかった。
      水分 飲まなくちゃと 「やらなきゃいけない」と おもっているところが いやだな。
      ぼちぼち すすめます。