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A fashion’s possibility ファッションができること

yoko katz March 2, 2015 5 comments

People express themselves in many forms.  I express myself in many forms, too, but in fashion in particular.

I attended a memorial gathering for my colleague, Dr. Robert Getso, on the past Friday.  As I was talking about the gathering with my other colleague, we agreed he had a great collection of ties.  On the Friday morning, as I was choosing my style, I really needed to wear a great tie.  He also had great shoes and I had a pair that reminded me of him at home.

The last semester, we had a very similar schedule and saw each other in our office every week.  I was going through the chemotherapy for the entire semester and he was always there expressing his concerns to me.  We also talked about my different wigs I had each week, he always liked my wigs.

So, Friday, I dressed myself as in the picture and was thinking that Robert would have liked it a lot.  That was a way that I could express my feeling in my own way.

Since I do the total styling from my wig to toe, more often I am stopped for some pictures.  It happens every week now!

多くの方法で 人は自分のことを表現する。そして、どうやら私は、ほかの多くの人よりも、ファッションで表現するのかもしれない。




ところで、ウィッグからつま先まで トータルでコーディネートするようになって、写真を撮られる機会が増えた。金曜日も 道の真ん中で そんなことがあったかな。



  1. Absolutely we express ourselves–even transient moods in how we dress. And yours appear as excellent and clear communications.

    • RP,
      Thank you for commenting on my blog!
      I certainly could wear a bit more subtle way, considering that it was a memorial gathering. But I thought he would have understood and liked it to come expressing in my own way.

  2. Chiori


  3. Chiori


    • Chioriちゃん

      私はちおりちゃんの お返事が好きよ。
      いつも 受け止めてもらえると感じれて 安心。