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A day after my 1st chemotherapy

yoko katz August 8, 2014 12 comments

heal in heels time line day1

A day after my first chemotherapy time line. 第一回抗がん剤治療後 1日目のわたし。

[physically] Constant fatigue, no appetite, and very minor continuous nausea for a whole day.

倦怠感。食欲なし。継続的なゆるい戻したい気分で げっぷがでる。


[emotionally] Really sad. I started really understanding that I have cancer to fight with today, for the second time. I felt a very similar feeling right after I wake up from my operation in June 24. I want to stay in bed today, I don’t want to do anything.

とっても悲しい気分。抗がん剤を入れて、とうとう予期していた副作用を体感して、あー乳がんの悪腫瘍の残りと戦ってるのね。。。と実感。がん治療の抗がん剤、その副作用を抑える薬。卵巣を守るための注射、一時閉経中になるので、骨の密度が下がらないようにビタミンDとカルシウムの錠剤を呑んでいる。けだるさで なーんにもやる気が起きないから 一日ベッドにいる。

a day after my first chemo

Drink as much water!!! A nurse recommended to drink 2 to 3 liters (about 1/2 -2/3 gallons) a day. It is not easy especially when I am in bed for the whole day. At 8 PM, I am making a progress to finish my 3rd bottle, which will add up to the 2 liters.

たくさん水をのめってさ。一日2-3リットルを目安にして。一日ベッドに横になってると 水分を取るチャンスを逃してしまう。

I am sad today. I have been such an active person, now I have to go through this. This slows me down a lot. It is frustrating.

とっても悲しい気分な一日。いっつも とてもアクティブに行動しているだけに、動けない自分がもどかしい。






  1. AA

    Dear Yoko, good thinking creating this blog. And you did a nice job with its layout. I have been wondering about your first chemo day, it’s crazy boring and painful for you. Keep your mind busy with diversions. It looks like you are already acquiring new skills with this blog creation. Careful, you acquire new skills and I may send you freelance work even if you are in bed. Be strong, you’ll get through it. Ciao!

  2. SC

    Love the blog!!! Can’t wait to see more.

  3. Ami

    Dear Yoko, No matter what, with everything you’ve done so far, you have always fascinated me, always! You just never disappoint me. This time as well, no exception. I have been totally blown away with the way you fight against cancer, with courage, bravery and grace. You already know that I am a big Yoko fan. You should also know that I am and will forever be one of your biggest cheerleaders. A great idea! Blog. Go girl!! Awesome picture too! Please remember You are always in my thoughts. I am just a phone call away if you ever need me. A big hug! – ami

  4. Terri


  5. Yumiko

    All the time you are positive and brave, and it stimulates me a lot. Thank you for being my friend. I will see you very soon.

  6. Leila Cahillane

    Hi Yoko!
    I was shocked to find out, and so impressed with how you are dealing with everything.
    Your blog us great! I enjoy reading, and I love the pictures. Makes me feel like I’m there with you.
    Sending you my best.

    • Leila,
      I know… I was in a state of shock for such a long time.
      There were things that could not wait for me to catch up with all of my emotion, but I just had to do them.
      Check on me from time to time and cheer me up!