Author - Yoko Katz

PhD Graduation (with My Handmade Gown)! 博士課程 卒業式

乳がん サバイバー 経験者 抗がん剤 博士課程 卒業式

I had a PhD graduation ceremony!  I am even more officially, well… I had been since February… but, Dr. Yoko!  I started the PhD program in 2001, that is 15 years of my work.  I am so proud to be able to come this far.  Thank you so much for supporting me, my family, friends, colleagues, my blog readers, and my professors.  Along the way, I started to teach Economics at US colleges since 2004, got married, had a baby, had been raising my son in bilingual, got breast cancer, completed chemotherapy, finished reconstruction, completed my dissertation and the graduation ceremony was the closing of the PhD program!

乳がん サバイバー 経験者 抗がん剤 博士課程 卒業式

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No more fussy hair after chemo, finally やっと抗がん剤後のボワボワ髪が無くなる

キャッツ洋子 Heal in Heels 髪の毛 抗がん剤 乳癌 Breast Cancer 髪の毛 生えそろってくる 時間がかかる

Since my last chemotherapy about 18 months ago, I kept cutting my hair because it came out so unevenly strong wavy.  I used to have straight hair in natural, but it came out very very wavy.  Finally, it looks like much more of the hair I used to have today!  (This picture is just before cutting for the final time to say good-bye to my wavy hair.)

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After the breast cancer symposium 乳がんシンポジウム無事終了

Yesterday’s breast cancer event went successful!  I was one of panelists at the event and shared a part of my stories.  Some issues that young cancer patients may face such as career, raising kids and future pregnancy issues during treatments were discussed.  It was a meaningful event to me.  I hope to encourage people goes through cancer treatments.

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Breast Cancer Discussion Event (in Japanese) 乳癌シンポジウムに登場(ニューヨーク)

I will be speaking as a panelist at a breast cancer symposium this Saturday, April 23 from 1-4pm in New York.  This event is only in Japanese.  I am excited about this opportunity!

ニューヨークで行われる、乳がんシンポジウムに パネリストとして登場します。2016年4月23日土曜日午後1時から4時まで。 日本クラブニューヨークにて。フライヤーのリンク。 今治療中、過去に治療した方、ひょっとしてと自分も?と不安に思っている方、少しでも力になれるといいです。ブログ見ている方で 会場にいらっしゃるようであれば、ぜひ声をかけてくださいね。

非営利団体のBCネットワーク  乳がん情報発信をしている団体のシンポジウムです。定期的に アメリカと日本で講演会をしています。

symposium 2016.04.23


Feel Like “Normal” Breast ごくごく普通だと感じる再建後の胸

キャッツ洋子 ヒールインヒールズ 乳房再建

I was digging snow this past weekend and suddenly, I felt like “wow, it is really normal” about my breast, which had been mastectomy and reconstructed.  I had no pain, and no pulling while shoveling the snow.  I talked about the look of my breast in my last post.  This time, I would like to talk about feel of the breast.

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